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Our programs provide enriching activities for your child in a nurturing and loving atmosphere. - Michael Richard


At Curious Minds Preschool we teach and play with the children by providing the materials they need to answer their questions. We see children as competent, capable and filled with ideas.  

We believe when you allow children to experience the thrill of exploration, the excitement of active play, and the confidence and security of supportive and loving teacher, they discover that fun and learning go hand in hand.

We recognize that all children have distinct pattern of development with distinct and differing needs. That is why we offer High Scope Curriculum that will help foster self-learning and decision-making in all children.



When you become a part of the community at Curious Minds, you are joining a group of active and dedicated parents. All Curious Minds families are members of the Parent Association (PA). The PA works to build a strong sense of community among parents and support the philosophy and mission of the school. 

We pride ourselves in the diversity of our community, which is authentically reflective of the population of Central New Jersey. While we have different racial, religious and socioeconomic backgrounds, we are drawn together within Curious Minds Community by a shared value and respect for the young child and early childhood education.


When children develop a warm and trusting relationship with teachers, in return children are empowered to believe in themselves. Our teachers and staff are dedicated to nurture and provide a safe and encouraging environment for each child. 


Ms. Natalia 


Mrs. Natalia is the owner of the Curious Minds Preschool. She holds a Bachelors of Science degree in Economics from Belarus State University, a Masters degree in Bioinformatics from Brandeis University and has also been working on her M.D. Natalia understands firsthand the responsibility and the amount of time required to raise a child. Having one of her own has giving her the experience and patience in her daily life.  Quite often women are forced to make a choice between raising their children and having a more fulfilling career. Natalia decided to make her small contribution to the society by trying to give women both - a chance to build their careers as well as providing their children with the highest quality education available. Natalia also provides tutoring in the subjects of Mathematics and Science including Chemistry, Biology, and Physics for school-aged children.

Ms. Shannan


Ms. Shannan is our Center Director. She holds a BA in Elementary Education as well as Psychology. She is a certified K-5 and P-3 teacher. Shannan’s entire career has been based in education. Her previous work experience includes Assistant Director for the YMCA Preschool, Director of the YMCA summer camp for over four years, working with special education students in the public school, and teaching Pre-K, Kindergarten and Second grade in both the private and public school setting for over a ten year span. She has had several years of continued professional development and prides herself in staying current with constantly changing curriculum and the latest teaching strategies for early childhood children. The greatest asset Shannan can offer to our families here at Curious Minds is her strong belief in positive reinforcement and having a sound home to school connection. She is an advocate in building young children’s self-esteem by recognizing their smallest achievement and praising them. With five children of her own, she knows how hard it is to parent as well as how challenging it is being a "working” parent. Shannan is always available and values open and honest communication at all times. She is very excited to get to know your child/children and to welcome you to our Curious Minds family.

Ms. Kamila

Music Teacher/ Preschool Teacher

Ms. Kamila is our Preschool and music teacher here at Curious Minds. She graduated from the prestigious Fryderyk Chopin University of Music in Warsaw/Poland with a Masters degree. She also has a minor in Psychology and Early Childhood Education.  She has over 10 years of experience teaching music and piano to children. She strongly believes that keeping music around children develops their brain as well as sensitivity, memory and concentration, not to mention that music lessons bring a lot of fun. 

Music lessons that Ms Kamila teaches are mainly based on First Steps in Music Curriculum written by Dr. John Feierabend - the national leader in early childhood music education. Ms Kamila shares with children a great amount of finest traditional rhymes and songs from bounces and wiggles to songtales, circle music games and movement activities accompanied by the piano or finest recordings. 

Ms Kamila is also a proud mother of Gregory and Laura.


Ms. Ellen  

Pre K Teacher 

 Ms. Ellen has a bachelors of Arts degree in Psychology, as well as New Jersey Elementary School Teaching License. Her teaching career has been geared toward the beginning stages of learning. She has a creative and strong passion to develop the youngest of minds to their fullest potential. With over 7 years of classroom experience, and the desire to provide all students with an excellent education, she is a dedicated professional.

Ms. Ellen prides herself on keeping children engaged and focused through interesting lesson plans an differentiated instruction. In addition to having a wonderful sense of humor and being flexible in her daily routine, her greatest strengths include strong work ethic and great pride in a job well done. She is excited to have your child in her classroom and looks forward to learning together.  

Our team is looking forward to having another exciting year!